RECOMMENDED PERIOD Spring - Summer - Autumn
JOURNEY3 hours

From the ex Statale 583 in Torno you need to take the steep Tridi Street until the flight of steps of Per Piazzaga Street indicated by the signboard.

A long muletrack bordered by terraces and houses satisfies the view with beautiful landscapes on the lake of Como. Along the way you go though the "Travaina door", a stone arch, sings of the ancient walls of Torno probably dating back to Roman times. The legend tells that you have to pay a toll putting a stone in the holes on the lateral pillars. As soon as you enter a lush valley of vegetation, you cross a bridge made of stones which passes a torrential cavity. Near the chapel, if you turn left, you can extend the excursion of 20 minutes to discover the "massi avelli", tanks dug in erratic boulders interpreted by scholars as sepulchres dating back to V-VI century AD, intended for noble figures of the Lombard populations. The avello of the "squares" is the most spectacular and imposing, built on the summit of a big erratic boulder provided with a wooden staircase. It's particular because it has a "stone

pillow". Continuing along the thick woods, you reunite with the muletrack directed to Piazzaga. The climb puts the less trained to the test, but in less than half an hour, a nice fraction of well renovated houses will welcome you . The muletrack leads to Monte Piatto, it's attended during summer from holidaymakers and during winter from only three families.  Saint Elizabeth's church, old convent of nuns, dominates the top of the mount with a breathtaking landscape which turns on the lake and on the mounts around it. A trail leads to "Pietra Pendula", an erratic boulder of ghiandone. its shape is the shape of a mushroom and it came here 50-60.000 years ago thanks to big ice movements which come from Val Masino. From Monte Piatto, the directions lead to Torno along the panning muletrack.

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