RECOMMENDED PERIOD: Spring-Summer- Autumn

The itinerary begins from Brunate, you can arrive there by car, by bus and by funicular from Como. Near Brunate’s station, you have to keep walking on the asphalted street to S. Maurizio until the historical “Campari” fountain, then keep walking per Via Nidrino.

The downhill leads to the football field, then you have to follow the pathway characterized by woods and indicated by the sign “STRADA REGIA”. Along the itinerary, the first 20 minutes are characterized by not so wide pathways. If you see the votive chapel you’ll have to keep walking to Montepiatto. The pathway is now easier. It brings to a deviation: you’ll have to go though the bridge which takes to Montepiatto.

After 1 hour you’ll see the first houses of Monti di Sorto. After them you’ll arrive to the Madonna del Rosario’s chapel and it’s now possible to walk for 20 minutes more to see the “Nairola stone”, huge erratic boulder which has been declared natural monument. You have to go back to the pathway when you see the sign which indicate Montepiatto. During the journey, the “wolf’s stone” can’t go unnoticed. It’s an erratic boulder whose legend speaks about a burrow of a wolf which ate “bad” kids. After that there are some houses, you’re at Monti di Cazzanore.

You have to follow the pathway which is indicated by a sign which leads to Montepiatto. The shady woods will guide you to the first house of Montepiatto. Important part of Montepiatto, nice fraction of a huge oasis of peace, is the S. Elizabeth’s church, old convent of nuns which reigns on the top of the mount with a breathtaking landscape facing the lake and the mounts around it and around the “Pendula stone”, erratic boulder of ghiandone which had the shape of a mushroom came here 50-60.000 years ago thanks to huge glacial movements coming from the Val Masino. Coming back to Brunate’s crossroad, the downhill can continue until Torno though Val di Cornu. ferries and busses make the return to Como way easier.

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